Frequently Asked Questions

What is the brand tone and personality?

Think confident (without arrogance); grounded and down-to-earth; resourceful and creative; forward-thinking; and inclusive.

What are the key messages?

A list to get you started:

  • Rochester Regional Health is driven to provide healthcare solutions that matter for ALL people across this region.
  • Here, we are all talk AND all action, to ensure that taking care of our patients’ health is simpler, more flexible and more convenient.
  • RRH is involved and ingrained in the communities we serve, so our teams can anticipate health care needs and deliver realistic solutions that make a true impact on peoples’ lives.
  • Because we listen more, we can do more. We don’t just think about the future, we act.
  • RRH continually delivers more of the comprehensive care this community needs: more locations close to home, more advances in critical care and more answers for more peace of mind.
  • Listening more means offering more: from primary care to critical care to extraordinary care.
  • Rochester Regional Health offers the right care, right where it’s needed. We attract more specialists to this region who specialize in our patients and deliver the latest advances and innovations close to home.
  • Every day we bring the power of together to our patients’ world, so they can get more out of life.

Are there any tag lines?

We use “Discover the power of together” and “Together. Unstoppable.”

If you have additional questions or are seeking more information on our brand guidelines please contact our Strategic Marketing & Communications department at

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